January Ice Jam
Bluegrass Music at its Coolest !
The January Ice Jam is a FREE family friendly event held annually
in Butler, PA.   Whether you are a beginner,  a seasoned musician, or
simply a great pair of ears, why not stop by to see what all of the fuss
is about?

It is hard to believe that nineteen years  have gone by since the
inception of the Jam!  Coming together for  all of those years has
provided bluegrass music lovers the opportunity  to get together and celebrate the music that we are so
passionate  about.  Within the music we have found a community of friends who, over the years, have
become more like family.  An indoor event, the Ice Jam is capable of attracting thousands of fans creating
the perfect atmosphere for musicians and listeners alike.  Newcomers are welcomed with open arms by this
wonderful group!

The Butler Days Inn is our venue host providing sleeping rooms, jamming rooms, food (for purchase), and a  
huge hall where numerous bands supply our listening audience the opportunity to be entertained by a new
group every half hour.  Over the two day event, up to 32 bands can take the stage engaging the  audience
with traditional, contemporary and gospel bluegrass music.  The Ice Jam attracts bands from all over the tri-
state area, bringing them together to form what is considered to be one of the area’s finest showcases of
bluegrass talent.

All proceeds from the event are donated to charity, which, according to some, is the reason behind the
event's popularity.  Donations are accepted throughout the weekend and are used to support bluegrass
programming at WYEP, a listener supported radio station, and the Bluegrass Relief Fund, Inc.  The Bluegrass
Relief Fund provides monetary support to local bluegrass friends in need, as well as a boost of emotional
support from the bluegrass community.  

The Bluegrass Relief Fund, Inc. is a 501c3 charity.  Please contribute to this very worthwhile cause anytime
during the weekend by placing donations in the jars and boxes provided, or give directly to:

    The Bluegrass Relief Fund, Inc.
    113 Annie Lane
    Zelienople, PA   16063

Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!

The Ice Jam staff is proud of their efforts, is honored to be a part of this popular event, and is pleased to be
able to help so many in need.  If you would like to become a part of our volunteer staff, or if you know of
someone who is in need of our help, please contact us.