January Ice Jam
Bluegrass Music at its Coolest !
Church Street Blues has worked with Amy George and the Ice Festival almost every year since around 1998 and have nothing but "GOOD"
to say about her, her crew, the audiences, and a few other etceteras.  She organizes the bands in a very professional manner while always
keeping up with everyone's ways & needs.  An impressive task of it's own, in addition to all the other factors it takes to run such a successful
"charitable" bluegrass festival accounting for the facility itself, management of the audience flow, promotional considerations, while allowing
for many "variations".   This often becomes "the rule" when you fill a place up with such talented folks from many places.  

CSB looks forward to this time of the year when our schedules can be arranged/juggled to participate, year after year.  Due to the crowds, I
know the audiences must feel the same since it seems the numbers have grown each and every year since our first performances there.

Dave of CSB
Ice Jam has become the premier winter bluegrass event in southwestern  Pennsylvania - a "must" for every bluegrass musician and fan in
the region. The Jam provides folks with a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with friends old and new - the stage shows and informal
jamming are always terrific. We owe a great deal to Amy & Scott, Donn & Doreen George, Jerry & Claudia Phillips and all the other
hard-working volunteers for making this such a well-run and much-anticipated event year after year.  

2009 will mark our band's fifth appearance at the Jam, and we always look forward to sharing our music with a packed house of enthusiastic
bluegrass fans - we wouldn't think of being anywhere else!

The Allegheny Drifters
As both a performer and promoter of bluegrass music, I've attended plenty of bluegrass festivals, concerts and events.  Let me just affirm...
the annual January weekend of the 'Ice Jam' is one of the best bluegrass events western Pennsylvania has to offer.

It has evolved from humble beginnings into a gala charitable event due to the hard work of a dedicated steering committee and their love of
bluegrass music and we all have witnessed their efforts pay off as the enthusiastic crowd continues to grow year after year.

The Ice Jam has garnered the respect of the bluegrass community with both listeners and musicians and it is no secret it has gained the
reputation as one of the season's outstanding events.  As the banjoist for Mountain Therapy, I know all of our band members including
myself, look forward to the honor of performing each year for such a worthy cause.

If you've never attended the Ice Jam you should plan to do so.  If you have intentions of staying throughout the weekend, you'll have to make
your plans early as the reservations sell out quickly... just another indicator this event is first class in every respect.

Tim Custer
This is an all volunteer operation, from staff to musicians. No one is paid or reimbursed for expenses. The January Ice Jam supports WYEP
and bluegrass programming.

I look forward each year to the "Ice Jam," and expect to continue to help with the stage show and in any other way I can.

John Trout
Lonesome Lost and Foggy love playing at the January Ice Jam. It was one of our
first larger indoor festivals to play at. We've enjoyed the folks we get to play for
as well as the folks we get to jam with when not on stage. Amy George and the
entire George family put on a great show and for all their efforts it shows! Looking
forward to next years Ice Jam.

Andy Leer
community.   This event inspires students to be part of the folk community and hopefully someday participate in the Butler Ice Jam as an adult
with their own groups.  Thanks to Amy and the entire staff of volunteers for making this event a positive experience for the students at North

Dennis Morton